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What I learned when the power was off…

July 14, 2012

Some wind and lightening, some downed trees and rain. The lights went out. For 11 days.

No air conditioning or fans. No refrigerator. No ice at the stores. Intense weather with temperatures around 102 degrees most days. At first, time passed slowly thinking the power would be back on soon. After a drive around the neighborhood I realized that it would be quite some time before our power came back.

I went to the library and grabbed as many books as I could carry. I read a lot but with a whole weekend to entertain myself I knew it would take more than a couple books. I gathered mysteries and sports books and history also. Anything to take my mind off the heat. That did help to pass the time. It was still hard to handle the change though.

After a day or two I got into a routine. Work, then come home and deal with the heat. I read and thought.I Examined my life and where it’s headed. What I learned early on was how much noise we surround ourselves with. Most of our home appliances make some sound. With only birds chirping my mind could focus much better.

As the week went on I was physically tired but mentally vibrant. The heat made it hard to sleep but the quiet time was magical. I read and learned new things about a few things that interest me. I also learned that much of what we take for granted can be taken away in a quick storm. I appreciated small things I never notice otherwise.

Finally the electrical workers got around to my area. I was almost sad to see this time come to an end. I feel different from the experience. More self sufficient. More thoughtful. More introspective.

Today I am writing this with a relatively quiet house. The fan is blowing and I have a wind up alarm clock ticking. I’m happier with my own thoughts than I have been in a very long time. I don’t wish for the power to go out anytime soon but I know it will be OK if it does.